To Wheel or not To Wheel

That is the question.

When you travel what type of luggage do you use?

  • Wheeled?
    Style: backpack or bag
  • Sans wheels?
    Style: backpack or duffle

There seems to be a certain snobbery amongst some travellers who believe that ‘real‘ travellers don’t use wheeled luggage. In my younger years I would have been apt to go along with this theory considering myself a ‘real‘ traveller.

Now, however, with the aches and pains of a life lived actively over a number of years I can appreciate having a little help when navigating airports and foreign lands.  And my back appreciates it too.

Having wheels means I can still ‘really‘ travel and give my back a break (rather than break my back) from pack-muling around the world.

If you insist on roughing it with a traditional backpack here are a few tips to help keep you and your back healthy while traveling abroad:

  • Travel light! The less you have in your pack, the easier on your back.
  • Do back exercises regularly. Strength and flexibility training for your back will help keep it healthy and strong. Remember to balance with work to the opposing muscle group too: the abdominals.
  • Get used to the load. Simulate your travels by walking  around your hometown with your backpack fully loaded.

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