Vulture Travel

Vulture travel is what I like to call “taking advantage of cheap travel deals to regions devastated by natural disasters, uprisings or conflicts.
There are pros and cons to this type of travel.


  • discounted prices on flights and accommodations
  • fewer tourists cluttering the view of a photograph
  • money is brought into the economy of the destination (and the locals may be especially happy to see you)


  • well you could get seriously injured or killed for a start!
  • travel insurance probably won’t cover your visit
  • embassies are burdened with dealing with travelers who don’t take travel warnings seriously

If you insist on traveling to a ‘volatile’ region here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Determine the level of risk involved and decide whether it’s worth it. Government-run travel sites often issue warnings on which countries to avoid. The Canadian site is:
  • Talk to other travelers who have recently been in the region. Sometimes the news report does not reflect the actual experience of being there.
  • Register with your embassy in the destination. If something happens they’ll know you’re there in the midst of it all.
  • Volunteer with a recognized organization that will be there for humanitarian aid.


photo: vulture in tree; Gondar, Ethiopia
credit: Kimberley, the Itinerant Introvert

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